Governance: Is effective structure in place?

Support your most valuable asset

Governance provides a robust framework within which your organisation’s most valuable asset, your human infrastructure, can operate most efficiently and effectively.

Detect problems early

Without a sound governance structure, your organisation could fail to detect where and when problems arise, and so be unable to respond with corrective measures quickly, nimbly and early enough to make a difference.

Gain effective oversight

Corelli Consulting provides a perspective on governance that accounts for the technical capabilities of the company as well as the corporate organisation, to establish an integrated process framework and an effective means of executive oversight.

Read how Corelli helped this State Health District to develop a governance framework to meet best practice, improve operation and capture value.

Capitalise on bio-industry expertise

Corelli Consulting specialises in bio-industry and bio-manufacturing - from industrial enzymes, chemicals and plastics, energy and fuels, to food, food ingredients and nutraceuticals. We also work with medical devices, diagnostics, drug development and stem cell therapies.

Our experience in these sectors allows us to formulate effective reporting and decision-making structures, and articulate procedures and performance indicators for effective operation of your organisation.

Governance: Our approach

Our approach is to:

• Review the company’s current operating model;
• Understand the company’s strategy and overarching governance policies;
• Map implementation of policies within the company’s operation;
• Benchmark best practice for the relevant industry or operational sector;
• Analyse the gaps and weaknesses in the company’s current governance model against expectations, including those of deliverables of benefit and stakeholder value; and
• Recommend a governance model that provides enhanced decision-making roles, accountability, reporting mechanisms, and performance indicators.

Read the State Health District Success Story or contact us about effective governance to support your most valuable asset.

Client feedback

"Dianne was incredibly thorough in her research and understanding of the company

….she developed a deep understanding of our market place, its dynamics and levers…and provided us with an excellent and detailed report covering not only the company’s future and its opportunities in the longer term, but also about the current hurdles we faced executing our short term goals.

What she provided was clear, easily understood and executable.."
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