Advisory: Do you have an objective viewpoint?

Subject Matter Expertise Benefit from fresh insight

An advisor can augment decision-making capacity and provide new insights for Boards, and for Board and Executive Committees, informing, guiding and focusing a fresh set of eyes on familiar challenges.

Fill the gaps

Many bio-industry firms have gaps of some size in the technical or commercial information possessed by the Board or Executive team. This is not uncommon.

Yet, if you could fill these gaps, you could expand your capacity to interpret such information and so ensure sound, fully-informed decisions for your company.

Gain bio-industry and commercial expertise

Corelli Consulting combines strong scientific credentials in bio-industry with extensive hands-on research experience.

We also have comprehensive experience in technology commercialisation through roles in technology-based bio-industry research, as well as senior analyst and advisory roles with investment banks, major consulting firms, research institutes and government bodies.

This rare combination brings a perspective that accommodates your company’s technical capabilities and potential, while reflecting its corporate organisation and operational landscape. This way, we can provide both high level advice and a frame of reference to support sound decision making.

Read how we helped this Bioindustry Company to gain market intelligence and practical commercialization strategies.

Acquire specific industry experience

We specialize in bio-industry and bio-manufacturing - from industrial enzymes, chemicals and plastics, energy and fuels, to food, food ingredients and nutraceuticals. We also work with medical devices, diagnostics, drug development and stem cell therapies.

Our experience in these sectors enables us to gather, analyse and integrate relevant technical and commercial intelligence into a meaningful package for your Board or Executive team.

Advisory – our approach

Our approach is to:

  • Review the issue at hand and its wider ramifications;
  • Understand the company’s strategy, policies and current operation;
  • Benchmark best practice for the relevant industry or operational sector;
  • Assess the competitive landscape in which the company operates;
  • Analyse the gaps and weaknesses in the company’s current operation and what needs to be done for the company to become a market leader.

Choose the service that best fits

Corelli Consulting provides a choice Advisory Services designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of bio-industry needs:

  • Advisory Board Member
  • Board Member
  • External Advisor
  • Subject Matter Expert.

Read the Bioindustry Company Success Story or contact us about advisory services for your organisation.

Client feedback

"Dianne was incredibly thorough in her research and understanding of the company

….she developed a deep understanding of our market place, its dynamics and levers…and provided us with an excellent and detailed report covering not only the company’s future and its opportunities in the longer term, but also about the current hurdles we faced executing our short term goals.

What she provided was clear, easily understood and executable.."
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