Bio-industry Testimonials

Bio-Industry TestimonialsWe are pleased that many bio-industry clients are willing to share their feedback on Corelli's work – and are proud of what they say.

In many cases, they prefer not to be named publicly, but are happy to be mentioned in direct discussions or to be contacted for reference.

Please contact us for details.

"Corelli Consulting recently completed a major report for us in collaboration with Deloitte Access Economics. The project required a high level of prior experience, strategic thinking and business understanding and, of course, Dianne Glenn was the obvious person to have involved.

Dianne’s contribution provided critical insights based on her experience, which was incredibly valuable in achieving an outcome of the quality produced. The rigour, attention to detail and clear technical expertise that she brought to the project were very much valued and appreciated.

Government Advisor, Industry Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology

“Corelli’s high standard of professional qualifications in science means they’re very much in tune with researchers. Corelli is very unusual in having the combination of high scientific credentials and business acumen – that is very rare. Corelli Consulting is the first consultant we think of this field. I recommend them to quite a few people and I’d most definitely recommend them again.”

Christina Hardy
Director, Business Development & Legal Affairs
Garvan Institute of Medical Research

"Overwhelmingly positive reaction from the office to this report... Who is this wonderful woman, Dianne Glenn? Don’t touch her - she's ours."

Senior Analyst, Securities Firm.

“I specifically wanted Corelli to do this project to give us an objective analysis of where we were - as opposed to telling us what we wanted to hear. They did that fantastically. That was key: to get an objective view.

We needed a more rigorous analysis that had credibility as well – and Corelli provided that. They handled the whole process very effectively. Nobody came away from it feeling that anything other than the right decision had been made, and Corelli provided us with the information which had been the basis of that decision. That’s the basis for using Corelli to look at other projects.”

Commercialisation Manager
Primary Producer Industry Agency

“Dianne is highly effective and clear about the important points in our work together. She has a very good strategic mind and is extremely valuable in reviewing reports and submissions for the Committee.

She is also very perceptive and reads between the lines. She has a good eye for detail. Dianne exhibits the hallmarks of a top-quality consultant: a good communicator, professional, thorough, detailed and with follow through.”

Euan Pizzey
Scientific Research Commercialisation Committee

“Corelli went in with an open but critical mind – a critical review of the literature - which only trained scientists can do. Their value is their ability to do that, and integrate it with an understanding of commerce and commercial drivers. Corelli did a good job of looking at the potential market and assessing whether the initial premise for the project was true.

What they brought to the project was rigour - and that’s such a valuable thing. We’re engaging Corelli again, and once again we’re hoping they’ll bring their positive insights to it. They’re not just box-tickers”.

Value-Added Science and Technology
Agricultural Agency

"The specific engagement required an intense work effort over a very small window of time and by necessity, also required a high capacity to review, interpret and distil a large volume of technical information. Few consultants could have delivered the necessary information within the required submission time frames.

Overall we were very satisfied with the outcomes of the engagement. Dianne is a very good communicator, very easy to work with and overall very professional."

Business Development Manager
CRC for Environmental Biotechnology (EBCRC)

“We invited Dr Glenn to join the company’s newly established Scientific & Research Commercialisation Committee (SRCC) in June 2009, on the basis of our experience of her broad technical capability, strategy advice and sound ethics. 

We have found Dianne to be very responsive to the needs of Sydney IVF and the SRCC and we rely on her to meet short deadlines in a timely manner while generating high quality and useable outputs. She is a very capable communicator with high standards of reporting, both oral and written, who brings to her work a multi-disciplinary approach and capacity to think outside the box."

Genea BioCells

"Dianne Glenn is a very capable communicator, with well developed project planning, research and management skills and high standards of reporting, evidenced by oral presentations to the Board and well prepared documents.

She is time sensitive, can be relied upon to meet short deadlines and flexible in her approach to manage changing priorities in the assignment.

Dianne also demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills in gaining agreement from different people across the business on her recommended strategy for commercialising its intellectual property."

 CEO, Diagnostics Company

“Corelli Consulting was introduced to me by another client of the company who had been very happy with the professionalism and commitment shown by Dianne Glenn in the operation of other challenges.

I was totally impressed with her awareness of a wide range of issues regarding the task, and of her ability to seek out and evaluate important information relevant to the task at hand. Her network of information was second to none.”

CRC for Sugar Industry Innovation through Biotechnology (SIIB)

"Excellent report. I think Corelli has really nailed the key issues here. The Executive Summary is pretty damn good too."

Comercialisation Manager, Primary Industry Association

Client feedback

"Dianne was incredibly thorough in her research and understanding of the company

….she developed a deep understanding of our market place, its dynamics and levers…and provided us with an excellent and detailed report covering not only the company’s future and its opportunities in the longer term, but also about the current hurdles we faced executing our short term goals.

What she provided was clear, easily understood and executable.."
Post-consumer Materials Recycler
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