Our history began in life sciences

Corelli HistoryBio-industry research

The founder of Corelli Consulting, Dianne Glenn, began her career in scientific research focused on bio-industry. Here, she gained extensive experience in microbial isolation, molecular genetics and biology, biochemistry and fermentation, both in the lab and in the field.

Working with biotech companies, government and academic research institutes, the experience Dianne gained  has proven invaluable for her later commercial work. Read more about Dianne here.

Bio-industry investment

After a career in research, Dianne transitioned to the commercial side of science, initially as a senior research analyst with a boutique investment bank specialising in the biotechnology sector. Later, she moved to KPMG, where she provided sector-related advice to tax, risk management, corporate finance and transaction services teams who had clients in biotechnology.

Dianne brings this rare combination - hands-on industrial research, investment and corporate experience - to the bio-industry sector, to add value and  accelerate the potential commercial outcomes for innovative technologies and products.

Combining both

Dianne founded Corelli Consulting in 2005. She saw a clear need for bridge between an innovative biotechnology community and the commercial and investment sectors.Corelli was formed to provide this bridge as a robust basis for decision making.

Growth and expansion

Over the years, Corelli Consulting has assisted many leading bio-industry companies, industry and industry associations, investment and commercial entities, and government bodies. The company has also provided major consulting firms with specific bio-industry expertise.

Corelli Consulting is now an internationally-recognised bio-industry specialist firm, providing trusted analytical and advisory services in strategy development, technical and commercial due diligence, competitor analysis - and a great deal more.

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Client feedback

"Dianne was incredibly thorough in her research and understanding of the company

….she developed a deep understanding of our market place, its dynamics and levers…and provided us with an excellent and detailed report covering not only the company’s future and its opportunities in the longer term, but also about the current hurdles we faced executing our short term goals.

What she provided was clear, easily understood and executable.."
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