Our alliances at Corelli Consulting

Corelli Aliances

Corelli Consulting’s core strengths are in technology and commercial assessment, based on many years of practical experience at the bench and in commercial and corporate advisory. At times, specific additional expertise is required to complete a client project, and we are fortunate to be able to call on an established network of trusted professional alliances. The expertise they provide includes:

Regulatory and technical advice

Corelli Consulting works with regulatory advisors who provide authoritative advice for global commercialisation of new technologies in medical devices and diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary medicines and agricultural chemicals. These firms have extensive expert practices both in Australia and internationally, with strong working relationships with regulators in Europe, US and Japan and have particular expertise in regulatory approvals in Asia.

Engineering and industrial design

Corelli Consulting completes large scale scoping studies for clients, in concert with professional engineering and industrial design teams who have significant traction within the life sciences sector.

Regional market expertise: Japan

Corelli Consulting works with a specialist firm which is highly experienced in negotiating transactions in Japan across a wide range of industry and investment sectors.

Corporate services

Corelli Consulting’s long term relationship with an international corporate services firm expands our service offering for clients undertaking mergers, acquisitions or divestment transactions.

Financial modelling

Corelli Consulting has an established relationship with an experience financial modelling firm. This allows us to model new commercialisation strategies, or product evaluations, or valuations of acquisition targets, thus augmenting our core services to clients.

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Client feedback

"Dianne was incredibly thorough in her research and understanding of the company

….she developed a deep understanding of our market place, its dynamics and levers…and provided us with an excellent and detailed report covering not only the company’s future and its opportunities in the longer term, but also about the current hurdles we faced executing our short term goals.

What she provided was clear, easily understood and executable.."
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