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Value Adding
Leveraged emerging opportunities & ‘future-proofed’ the business.more »
Advised how to improve operation, capture value & meet best practice.more »
Strategy & Scoping
Assessed global landscape, business model, risk and benefits.more »


Appraise how the technology performs & compares, and ideal licensing options. more »


Assess the opportunity, potential markets, partners, investment readiness. more »


Define the product suite and strategy, assess the risk and funding options. more »


Fill any gaps, gain insights and boost your ability to make informed decisions more »

Corelli Consulting specialises in bio-industry and bio-manufacturing - from industrial enzymes, chemicals and plastics, energy and fuels, to food, food ingredients and nutraceuticals. We also work with medical devices, diagnostics, drug development and stem cell therapies.

We work with a variety of stakeholders too - from suppliers, manufacturers and their customers, to investors, inventors, governments, policy makers and industry bodies.

We help them to make informed decisions about new technologies, products or ventures or adding value to existing ones, commercialisation, funding and sustainability, by providing objective analysis and advice on which they can rely.

What sets us apart is our extensive bio-industry knowledge, our blended scientific and commercial mindset and our rigorous analytical processes. Combined, they deliver tangible, high impact results for our clients.

Key Resource
Deloitte Access Economics-Corelli Consulting joint report. Click to access. 


  • "Corelli went in with an open but critical mind which only trained scientists can do. Their value is their ability to do that, and integrate it with an understanding of commerce and commercial drivers. …They’re not just box-tickers"

    Value-Added Science & Technology, Industry Association

  • "Corelli Consulting is the first consultancy we think of this field. I recommend them to quite a few people and I’d most definitely recommend them again"

    Christina Hardy, Garvan Institute of Medical Research

  • "Corelli exhibits the hallmarks of top-quality consultants: good communicators, professional, thorough, detailed and with follow through"

    Euan Pizzey, Chair, Scientific Research & Commercialisation Committee